Intergenerational Program: All Family Members and Caregivers Welcome! From babies to Grandparents!


Valuing who a child is rather than measuring a child’s value by “what”
he or she can do.

My Very Dear Families and Colleagues,

I have been given the opportunity to be part of a team in a Contra Costa County, California school district that is piloting relationship-based social-emotional interventions for children in preschool, elementary school, and middle school.  I am so very honored and excited that I will also be able to offer professional development for early childhood teachers.  The work I will be doing is based on the philosophy that I am sure we share:

a child’s development is founded on loving interactions with caregivers; for it is through these loving interactions that each child can accomplish development of the four major tasks of early childhood:

  •      Self-Worth/Esteem
  •     Humanity-Esteem
  •    Inner Discipline, and
  •   The Communicating and Thinking Tools of the Mind.  

No matter how young or old we are, if some of these key elements are not yet present, we are hindered from becoming fully human–responsive and responsible and resilient human beings who are capable of loving ourselves and one another.

In short:

Care and Education Cannot Be Separated at Any Stage of Childhood!

So, it is with bittersweet sentiments that I find our Batavia and our Winfield sites will be closed.

I will however, keep our website and Facebook page open; these will soon be offering information on how to start your own “play-group/in-home preschool” group based on these foundational concepts.

Additionally, for those families interested, I also can connect you with some of our core parents and families.  I know they are still going to be meeting for playgroups–I am sure you would find really meaningful and fun connections with this great group!

I am lucky in that I will be able to make frequent trips back to Illinois.

Always, always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns or ideas!   I will always love talking with you!!!

Finally, I hope you all know how much I care about all of you!  I wish for all of life’s blessings to you all!





The science of early childhood research, including research on the brain, has uncovered the foundational and highly inter-related and co-influencing Four Major tasks of Early Childhood…

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Intergenerational and Inclusive

Your love is the gas and play is the vehicle your child uses to travel the developmental highway
Enlightened & Empowered Kids Preschool offers a new approach to early childhood education where parents, caregivers, and guardians can bring their enrolled children, as well as other family members, to learn and develop in an environment fostered by creative play.  This means infants and toddlers are welcome in our classrooms, as are siblings, grandparents, and other family members.  Our REAL Early Childhood Curriculum© is by its very design simultaneously both individualized and community-oriented.  Parents and families learn and sustain nurturing and supportive positive parenting efforts.

If we in the human community love our children, it is crucial for all who interact with young children to know and understand how genuine attachment relationships enlighten, empower, and maximize each child’s humanity.

Experience the Joy of Meaningful Play

Research shows that interactive social play is the natural and powerful vehicle that fosters growth and development 

Coupled with the strong foundational attachment relationships, the research tells us that play is the premier “vehicle” to assist children to accomplish the four major tasks of early childhood, healthy development of:

  • self-worth/esteem
  • humanity-esteem
  • inner discipline
  • tools of the mind:  thinking, communicating, planning, collaborating, implementing, learning, and creating skills and capacities

So if are children are not given time for “play”, the development of these major tasks is at risk… Here’s why…

  • Play provides the unique setting in which, when scaffolded appropriately (intentional, individualized, differentiated), children can FREELY PRACTICE thinking, communicating, planning, collaborating, implementing, learning, creating skills and capacities we humans have
  • When children are over-directed to adult-chosen activities, the fight or flight responses take over and the brain shuts down healthy brain “pathway” growth and development
  • Instead, when warm, responsive, and consistently caring attachment relationships are formed, the child’s brain is free to create and allow for exploration of many more divergent pathways

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